2015 is definitely the year of wearable technology! Whether it’s Google Glass, FitBit, or the Apple Watch, wearable technology is on the rise in personal and business use. The same technology that we wear to track our calories, exercises, moods and schedules can apply just as readily to other creatures that need fitness or health tracking. Quantified Ag took the same tech you’d find in a wearable watch and created something they believe is perfect for cows. According to Quantified Ag, one of every five beef cows in a feedlot can show symptoms that they are not feeling so good. Normally ranchers would have to look around and rely on their expertise to catch cows that are feeling under the weather. Instead, Quantified Ag has added smart tech to ear tags already used on cattle farms. The tag has sensor that pick up movement, like steps and head position as well as body temp. For example, a cow that’s standing in a corner of the lot alone with a lowered head should be pulled for the vet. The tags allow for every tagged individual in the herd to be carefully watched by a hyper-vigilant that never has to be shut down or take a break. Ranchers can then access Web dashboard on their computer or phone to check individual tags. The idea is for the tags to translate to healthier, happier cows and happier ranchers. By catching any signs of illness early, hopefully ranchers can save on vet bills by preventing illnesses that would have been missed of ranchers were still checking herds the old school way. Technology continues to make life easier for both producers and their animals. If you look at the infographic below, you can see just how much a rancher has to take care of in a day. Employing this wearable tech may just allow a rancher more time to grow the business instead of simply maintaining. It’s certainly something to think about!

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