When we are talking about global wheat production, the European Union is top-dog. Within the EU, France, Germany and the UK are the largest wheat producers, however since 2006 other nations inside the European Union have experienced a much larger increase in output. These countries now include many of the EU’s Eastern European member states: Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Slovakia. The increases have been particularly pronounced in the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, which increased wheat output by more than +100%, since 2006. These increases in the Baltic States are generally due to both increases in area planted to wheat and gains in yield per acre. In addition, Finland, Austria, Spain and Sweden are also producing more wheat than in 2006. The aforementioned 13 countries have gone form a 28% share of European Union wheat production in 2006 to a 40% share at the end of last year. (Source: USDA/NASS)

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