This one is quite interesting, according the director of sports auctions for Heritage Auctions, the largest Super Bowl ring ever made recently went up for auction. It happened late last week when Heritage Auctions sold William “The Refrigerator” Perry’s Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX ring at the National Sport Collector Convention in Chicago for over $200,000. The perimeter of the ring is marked: “1985 Chicago Bears World Champions” as the left shank announces “Perry” above a figural helmet and text reporting, “16-1, GSH, Attitude.” The ring’s right shank immortalizes the game’s lopsided score, “Bears 46 Patriots 10″ above the logos of Super Bowl XX and the NFC, and a figural Lombardi Trophy. The 10 karat gold and diamond encrusted ring is the largest NFL Championship ring ever produced, said to be somewhere around a size 25, though no measuring tool exists to confirmunnamed-2 that actual fact. The opening where Perry put his finger is said to be roughly the size of a half-dollar coin. According to Heritage, Perry sold the ring in 2000 to a collector and provided an assurance of its authenticity. In 2007, that collector sold the ring in an auction for just over $27,000. From what I understand the new owner put it up for bid this year. Heritage reported once the smoke cleared and dust settled the ring fetched a whopping $203,150. This all sounds good and well, but the story doesn’t end there. Due to the sheer size of the ring, many salesman samples of the Perry ring were produced and sold. In fact back in 2011 a 10 year old named Cliff Forrest Jr. bought a Fridge Super Bowl ring using $8,500 from his college fund money and then gave it back to Perry, believing it was the real deal. The young man apparently heard about Perry’s battle with Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disease that can cause paralysis. Figuring the former football star would be happier with the ring, he bought it and returned it to him. At one point the Fridge said the ring the kid had brought him was the “real deal”. Who knows… One thing is for certain it’s by far one of the most unique examples of Chicago sports memorabilia to ever be auctioned. Here another little inside rumor that most don’t know about. Of course everybody remembers the Fridge’s thundering one-yard rush to paydirt in the twentieth edition of American sports’ greatest showcase, but few know that the bizarre play-calling was intended to be a middle finger gesture from legendary Bears coach Mike Ditka to his defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan. The massive rookie out of Clemson had been the Bears’ first-round selection that year’s NFL Draft, a fact that incensed Ryan, who saw the gargantuan tackle as more circus freak than athlete. In point of fact, Perry was extraordinarily athletic for his size, able to carry his 300+ pounds to an eleven-second 100 meters, and to perform 360-degree dunks on a regulation basket. So throughout that debut season, the Fridge was used as a pawn in the Ditka/Ryan power struggle. It seems like it was Ditka who had the last laugh.

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