Many folks in government have been putting pressure for years on Amazon to start collecting “sales tax” in some of the smaller and more sparsely populated states where it doesn’t have any distribution centers or corporate offices. From what I understand “state tax collection” will begin tomorrow for online buyers in Mississippi, Missouri, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Vermont. It already started this month in Louisiana, Iowa, Nebraska and Utah, and begins in Wyoming on March 1st. For many years Amazon was avoiding the job of collecting taxes, by sighting a 1992 Supreme Court ruling that banned states from forcing out-of-state retailers to collect taxes if they didn’t have a physical presence in the state.This will obviously be a big windfall of revenue for many states as Amazon’s revenue is now in excessive of $85 billion. From what I understand, the small state of Rhode Island is thinking they will collect an extra $35 million next year in tax revenue now that Amazon and a couple of other are finally deciding to collect and pay the state tax. Excluding states that don’t have a sales tax, only six states remain where Amazon doesn’t collect sales taxes or hasn’t announced plans to do so. Amazon already collects sales taxes in the most populous states and has been for years, so expanding to the entire country probably won’t hurt them in a major manner. Remember, the states without statewide sales and use taxes are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon, meaning Amazon will never have to collect in those states unless something dramatically changes with the states current structure. The seven states with no income taxes are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. The two states with limited income taxes are Tennessee and New Hampshire