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Soft-Drink Companies Battling For Bottled Water Market Share

It may seem unbelievable, but global bottled water sales are set to exceed sales of soda this year. According to market research group Canadean, water sales will reach 237 billion liters by the end of this year, compared to a forecast for 227 billion liters of carbonated drinks. In developed countries, the trend is driven by rising health concerns about additives and processed foods, which has consumers migrating from soda to water. Global demand is driven by Asia, particularly China and India, where consistently reliable tap water remains a problem. If they can afford it, consumers prefer to buy bottled water. China’s bottled water consumption has nearly doubled in the the last five years, going from 17 billion liters to 33 billion. (Source: Financial Times)


Final Corn Planting Dates

There have been some question about “final planting” dates for insurance purposes. Hope this helps. Make sure you talk to your local insurance provide for local RMA office to verify specifics.


Spring Flood Risk Update From the NOAA

If you are in the Upper Midwest, the NOAA is giving you a low risk of river flooding this spring due to below-average snowfall this past winter. In fact, these areas are seeing abnormally dry or moderate drought conditions according to the latest Drought Monitor report. Moving down to the Midwest, there is a 50% chance of moderate flooding in the lower Missouri River basin, including parts of Missouri and eastern Kansas. NOAA says this would be driven by rain and thunderstorm activity. In terms of any minor flooding, the NOAA believes parts of the Ohio River basin could see additional flooding depending on rainfall this spring. This includes parts of Kentucky, southern Illinois and southwest Indiana.


When Will The Fed Raise Rates?

I thought this was a terrific info graphic recently released by BloombergBusiness. In the article Bloomberg points out U.S. economic data has been more disappointing than at any time in six years. But that hasn’t shaken a plurality of economists who still see the Federal Reserve cranking up their benchmark interest rate in June, for the first time since 2006. Read more insightful details by clicking HERE.


What Makes Teachers Better Investors Than Everyone Else?

In an analysis of 20,000 investors using Openfolio, schoolteachers were found to be the best investors. Over a 12-month period ending in February 2015, teachers saw a 10.2% return on their investment holdings, compared to an average investor return of 7.6%. They even beat people in the finance industry whose returns averaged a wimpy 6.9% by comparison! So what is it about educators that makes them so good at investing? Some trends the data turns up – teachers are more patient, trading only 6.1 times per year, compared to the average investor that traded 9.1 times. Another clear trend is that teachers overwhelmingly invested in funds rather than individual stocks. About 52% of teachers invested in mutual funds, holding the rest of their investments in individual stocks. That gives them much more diversified portfolios than the average investor that is holding 54% in individual stocks.


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