I am often asked to speak to students enrolled in agricultural economics and agricultural marketing classes. I have also been contacted on numerous occasions by parents who are looking for ways to help better educate their children about the risk associated with owning and operating an agricultural business.

In an attempt to help and give back, I decided in 2009 to launch my “College Program”. This program gives college students enrolled in accredited U.S. agricultural programs, along with their professors, FREE access to ALL my information, research and proprietary reports. I thought if I could get the kids reading and starting to better understand the lingo and moving parts inside the industry, they would have a better chance managing the farm when they returned home.

We have had some tremendous success with this program. In fact several instructors have taken it to the next level, not only requiring the students to read our daily information but then testing regularly on the material provided.

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If you are currently attending college and enrolled in an agricultural program, feel free to sign-up for our information and research at no-cost or obligation.