I thought “The Atlantic” and several other sources have presented some interesting thoughts and commentary regarding president elect Donald Trump and how things could play out in the event of a major virus outbreak. It seems like there’s some worry about how he and his team will respond. Many refer back to his tweets during the ebola crisis and wanting to ground all planes in or out of the U.S. that may have come in contact with infected areas. Also keep in mind he is a self-proclaimed “clean hands freak” and some suggest a bit of a germaphobe (Politico). Now all of sudden we have millions of birds pandemiclogo-svgbeing killed across Asia as a lethal strain of H7N9 is trying to be contained in China, India, Japan and South Korea. I should note that a few cases of the deadly virus are now being reported out of Russia. I have no idea if this particular virus makes its way to the U.S., but I suspect some type of deadly virus will be one of Donald Trumps first major hurdle. Some fear the team he has assembled will be extremely quick to make decisions, which could be both good and bad. There’s some in Washington that believe Trumps team could quickly seal all U.S. borders, ground all flights to and from any infected areas, roll out quarantine guidelines and potential declares martial law if need be to enforce rules. Obviously this would place a huge drag on the U.S. economy and create massive social unrest. These are all a lot of big “what ifs”, but I can assure you no one wants to have their loved ones who have traveled abroad locked out of their homeland. There’s a ton of moving parts to consider, but I am going to be keeping an extremely close eye on the viruses and pandemic possibilities during the next few years. I’m really starting to become more concerned about the frequency, severity and how exactly they will be managed. Keep in mind just three months after Barack Obama’s inauguration, a new strain of H1N1 swine flu was detected and it eventually reached global pandemic status. Then in September 2012, in the dusk of Obama’s first term, a new flu-like disease called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) was described in Saudi Arabia. In December 2013, a year into Obama’s second term, the biggest Ebola outbreak in history began in Guinea before spreading to 10 countriesThen in late 2015 and early 2016, the Zika virus has already started sweeping the Americas. My point is it’s not a matter of if but when Donald Trump will have to deal with a deadly major virus outbreak.