In the golfing world, you often hear people saying, “he’s ​a ​good stick,” when referring to a very good player. That’s exactly what professional golfer Ernie Els had to say after a recent round with the President and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. In fact after the round with the President, Els told the Wall Street Journal, “President Trump is a golfer”. Not only does the President have an above average game, but for someone who will be turning 71 in a few months, his 2.8 GHIN Index handicap makes him an incredible golfer! Let’s start with the fact the President has always been a very good athlete. He played football, soccer and baseball at the New York Military Academy, winning multiple MVP awards while captaining the baseball team. Add to this his 6’2″ frame and sheer competitiveness, while knowing his limitations, and you have a player capable of great things. Another reason, unlike most recreational players who fight to reach certain positions, the President plays to his strengths, swinging the club using his most natural motion. Trump says, “I just try to keep it simple, if I didn’t, I would have stopped playing years ago.” This alone makes the President’s swing easily repeatable and machine-like, which allows the game to be much easier. I was personally surprised to hear President Trump was this good at the game of golf. I had heard he was a great athlete and could play the game, but I had no idea he was this good. Having myself played a lot of highly competitive golf, I truly admire but rarely see players adopt the attitude and approach of the President… having sound fundamentals, keeping it simple, knowing your limitations, playing within your skill-set and giving yourself opportunities to succeed. If you are trying to emulate another player and you lack their skills, abilities, physical attributes, etc., you will quickly find yourself on the merry-go-round of golf. An old pro once told me, “golf, like life, has a simple premise… know thyself.” With temperatures warming up and another golf season ahead of us, I wanted to pass along four “tips” President Trump uses to help maintain consistency within his game. (Source: Golf, Golfworld)

A Solid Grip – “I don’t win club championships with practice, but with a good grip.” Trump places his hands on the handle following proven fundamentals, with nothing either too strong or too weak. This allows him to re-create the arm hang established at address when he strikes the ball — a great way to hit consistent shots. His grip pressure is just firm enough to keep his hands from breaking down either at the top of his backswing or at impact. You won’t see a lot of hand flipping — Trump keeps his hands quiet and lets his body turn square the clubface.

A Strong Turn – “I’m a hip player. The strongest part of my swing is my body turn.” Once he completes his backswing, Trump brings the club back down by strongly pulling his left hip behind him. He read and adopted Hogan’s advice on starting the downswing with the hips. Because he emphasizes his lower body rather than his arms, he delivers the club into the slot consistently instead of throwing the club out with his hands — the over-the-top move that cause slices, pull-slices and other shotmaking misery. If you’re prone to slicing, copy Trump’s swing. It’s hard to come over the top when your turn is this good.

Killer Bunker Shots – “I’m better out of the sand than anywhere else around the green.” Many of the same elements that make Trump’s full swing work also make him an excellent bunker player. His strong left-side move eliminates deceleration, which is the number-one reason amateurs leave their first shot in the sand. If you slow down as you approach impact (for fear of hitting the ball too far), you have almost zero chance of getting the ball on the green. Trump may shorten his backswing to control length, but he’ll always accelerate and hit “through the shot,” not “to the ball.”

A Confident Putter – “If I don’t beat you with the short ones, I’ll beat you with a bomb.” Trump is a brilliant putter, a trait built on experience and an uncanny ability to “will” the ball into the hole. One of Donald’s recent opponents, NFL Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice, commented after their match, “Yeah, he beat me. He made absolutely everything. He kept rolling in 20-footers.” If you’re looking for Trump’s putting secret, you’ll find it in the fact that he truly believes he can make every putt. That’s a powerful state of mind before any shot, especially on the greens.

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