Through the years we have met many wonderful people, and have developed many long-term friendships. Hopefully along the way we have helped educate and provided them with valuable information, insight and strategies that have improved their overall marketing results. Below is just a small sample of the “Thank-You’s” we have received.

“Over the past two years here on the Senate Ag Committee I have enjoyed reading your report and would like to know if I could continue to receive it at my new job? I will leave the Senate on Friday and after a quick trip to the farm in Jewell Co. I will start a new gig as the President of the Commodity Markets Council here in DC on May 15. Please keep in touch and keep up the great work!” Gregg Doud

“I love having a guy like Kevin on my team, trying to make sense of these volatile markets. His experience and willingness to share with producers is a definite plus and pleasure to deal with…” L.D. Wheatley, Ontario

“I am a semi-retired farmer, farming for over 60 years, and your column is one of the best I have ever read. I look forward to reading it every day. Just keep them coming…”  W.F., Oak Harbor, OH

“We are fairly new to marketing our crops as we were dairy farmers. We appreciate all the advice and help we receive from Mr. Van Trumps emails. Thank you for providing this service…”  Valley View Farm, Saint Olaf, IA

“The best 10 minutes you will spend every day is reading Kevin Van Trump’s Farm Direction daily report.” M.A., Milford, IL

“I had been following Kevin off and on for a year or so. Finally took the Free trial subscription. His advice and recommendations have been so correct it has been a joy. I have never followed advice before that was any better than 50-50. I am a faithful follower now…” J.N., Corwith, IA

“You can take Kevin’s info to the bank…period.” J.O., Loogootee, IN

“While not a farmer, but as a old BOT member and grain trader for over 35 years, your letter is very informative and is very complete in covering the news of the day..” D.E., Portland, OR

“Kevin’s “Farm Direction Report” provides me with a very informative daily buzz on each major ag commodity. Kevin’s special updates are great and proof of his dedication to be the best advisory service ever!” D.C., Oklahoma

“I have followed many advisory services, most are not worth the space they take up!! They seem to get caught up in their own bias and can’t see the forest for the trees. Kevin Van Trump is the EXCEPTION, his recommendations are concise and give you the information you need to make effective marketing decisions. He is on top of all events that affect agriculture–if you have tried the rest–you owe it to yourself to go with the best–Kevin Van Trump!” E.V.W.

“Muchas gracias por su información. He realizado una opción en el Cbot con sus consejos….” D.V., Argentina

“I am not a very large farmer–so I didn’t think it made much sense to pay for pricey grain info, but Kevin provides that kind of rock solid advice at an unequaled price; and so much more–including world info, fuel and stock market thoughts. In 5 month’s time, Kevin improved my bottom line by many thousand’s of $$ !!! Keep up the good work! My favorite e-mail of the day!” R.C. Arlington, SD

“I am an avid reader; Kevin’s daily report is informative and right on. I finally am making good sales with our wheat and have the information to back our decisions.” S.S., Tulelake, CA

“I wanted to improve my marketing this year, after selling my corn last year at a price that was one to two dollars below the average for the year. My best move has been to subscribe to Kevin’s e-mails and news service. He is very informative on what is happening at the board, and around the world. News that I would never know, on my own! His marketing advice has helped me be a better farmer!” S.R. Maple Park, IL

“Kevin’s approach is fundamental, technical, and aggressive towards profit taking. Farmers need to get on board – he’s not just trading to make money, but to help U.S, agriculture survive…” C.T., Pepin, WI

“We have been farming in eastern Colorado since 1958 and feel like Mr. Van Trump’s newsletter is the most honest, cut thru the I have ever come across…” D.D., Fort Morgan, CO

“Insight and a willingness to share valuable advice is difficult to come by these days. Kevin’s report is truly inspiring…” I.W., Vancouver, Canada

“I am really impressed by the amount of information that Mr. Van Trump distributes on all the commodities on a daily basis. Thanks again for all the info…” R.E., State Center, IA

“I have been farming for over 50 years, during that time I have looked at or subscribed to almost every advisor type service out there. Mr. Van Trump’s is hands down the winner…” T.D., Champaign, IL

“Kevin’s advice and different views of the market has helped me add to my profits. I look forward to getting his e-mail every day to see his thoughts and information that effects the markets. Thanks!!” T.W., Washburn, IL

“I have never seen anyone provide such great information all in one daily report, I can’t wait to read each new daily e-mail…” D.S., Big Falls, MN

“I’ve only been reading Mr. Van Trumps comments for a few months now, but he has already added tens of thousands to our bottom line over the advice I was using. We farm about thirteen thousand acres, I don’t have time to read everything I should. Love his Readers Digest style,(short,accurate,to-the-point,no-bull,just the facts ma’am). Look forward to reading every morning…” P.M., Mayclin Farms Partnership, Plankinton, SD

“Kevin’s advice and information has as helped me save several thousands of dollars over the years, I am extremely grateful to have found his services…” T.L., Wayne, NE