“Make America Great Again” rings through the headlines and the investment world takes several steps back in disbelief as they witness the biggest political upset in U.S. history. I hate to say I told you so… but I told you so!!! I’ve said time and time again, “expect the unexpected and never doubt Americans propensity to stir the pot and deliver change.” A good friend once told me that we are a nation of Hypo-maniacs, a nation of massive risk takers, it’s in our blood, and with that our reactions can be extremely unpredictable. The American people have spoken and the “establishment” as we know it has been turned upside down. The cards have clearly been reshuffled. I’ve been extremely patient and very conservative with my investment portfolio during this entire process… I’m sticking with the same simple play-calling and counting to a very long “three-Mississippi” before I make my next move. I want to eventually be a buyer but on a much larger break because I believe in the American economy, but I see no reason to get in a hurry at this juncture. Be smart, there’s a massive number of new players running onto the field and its going to take some time for the odds makers to learn how they play the game. Does the U.S. dollar continue to weaken as global investors become uncertain about our future? What happens to Janet Yellen and the Fed? What happens with the Supreme Court? What happens to the Speaker of the House? What happens to the IRS? What happens to government spending? What happens to trade deals and foreign relations? Bottom-line, there’s still a ton of unanswered questions. I continue to stay conservative. I suspect there will be a lot of things written about the “polls” and the self-proclaimed brainiacs who thought they had the election results figured out. Again, I challenge their ability to filter the massive wave of “noise” that we now have constantly in our ear. Technology is amazing in many ways and our access to it wonderful, but it has also made the “noise” that much louder and ultimately more difficult to hear the “music.” Rember it’s not the data that is to blame “KMIGAAARAEMEECRT” but much more about how people are going about interpreting it “MAKE AMERICA GREAT”.